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Below are is a lit of hand picked teaching material and resources on fractions. All of these tools and manipulatives are completely free to use. Don't forget to check out our site's fraction worksheets .

Fraction Visualizer-this visualizer allows you to create visual representations of fractions as either pizzas, bars or jars. It also lets you save an image of your visualization to your desktop!
Fraction Visualizer
Simplify Fractions Calculator --This very neat tool lets you type any fraction (including improper) and will create a visual model of the original fraction as well as the simplified version. Like the fraction visualizer, you can save the image to your desktop.
Simplify Fractions Calculator
Fraction Tutorial-interative tutorial on how to represent fractions
Fraction Tutorial
Fraction Maker - free online tool that allows you to make visual representations of fractions. You can save the image of your visualization to your dekstop.
fraction maker online
Complex Fraction Calculator-The name says it all. Type in a complex fraction and this free calculator will simplify it.

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