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Simplifying Radicals Worksheet and Answer Key

Wowrksheet Objective

Download the worksheet (pdf)
Students will practice simplifying radicals. This sheet focuses on Algebra 1 problems using real numbers. (No Algebraic expressions) The worksheet has model problems worked out , step by step. 25 scaffolded questions that start out relatively easy and end with some real challenges.
Download the worksheet (pdf)

Example Worksheet Questions

Simplify each radical below.
Simplify Radicals Practice Problems

Reverse the process. Un-simplify the simplified radical form. Write as one number under the radicand
Simplify Radicals Challenge Problems


Slope of  line Picture

Other Details

This is a 4 part worksheet
  • Part I. Model Problems.
  • Part II. Practice
  • Part III. Challenge Problems
  • Part IV. Answer Key

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  Download the worksheet (pdf)

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