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Midpoint Worksheet (pdf)

Wowrksheet Objective

Download the worksheet (pdf)
Students will be able to find the midpoint of a line segment given its endpoints and find an endpoint given the segment's midpoint and 1 endpoint
Download the worksheet (pdf)

Example Worksheet Questions

1) Find the midpoint of a line segment whose endpoints have coordinates of (3,9) and (11,5)?

2) The coordinates of the midpoint of a segment are (3, 7). If the coordinates of one endpoint are (-2, 4), find the coordinates of the other endpoint.


Other Details

This is a 4 part worsheet
  • Part I. 2 Model Problems.
  • Part II. Practice Problems with 2 challenge problems.
  • Think Pair Share
  • Part III. Practice calculating endpoint given midpoint and 1 endpoint.

Web Resources

  • This Topic -includes a You-Tube style video demonstration walking you through sample problems
  • Free Graph Paper- in case you want to teach midpoint using graphs
  Download the worksheet (pdf)

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